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New ATM at Park

Good news for those of us who depend on our money cards these days. The park was able to install an ATM just outside the park entrance gate for our convenience.

The Maine Wildlife Park in Gray is owned and operated by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife—and proudly supported by the Friends.

News about our big cats

                                                                                                               Marie Calvert Photo

Vishnu, the Maine Wildlife Park’s female mountain lion has died. She had a long life at the park and died peacefully from her advanced age. She was 12 years old. She spent her last days enjoying in the new spacious Mountain Lion enclosure in the park.

Bob, her companion for several years here at the park, passed away in 2012.

Park staff are actively searching for two new mountain lions to live in the recently completed large cat enclosure according to Curtis Johnson, the park’s superintendent.

Your generous gifts to the Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park were used to build the 3500 square foot large cat enclosure in 2012.

Mountain Lion Habitat just after completion Spring 2012



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